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Mackinaw Honeymoon: Other Towns

We also did a fair amount of shopping, but very little buying--who needs more knicknacks, right?  We also drove to Cheboygan and Charlevoix and Petosky to look around.  Cheboygan has unfortunately gone badly to seed.  It used to be a bustling, major coastal city, but after the steamer traffic dried up, and two major recessions hit, the place sort of sagged.  The sidewalks were empty.  No major businesses are located there, and the area's slogan for bringing them back is a pathetic, "Cheboygan: Why not?"  However, we browsed through a kitchen gadget store and bought a couple of things to do our bit for the local economy.  Charlevoix and Petosky were much nicer, fresh on the lake, with sparkling downtowns and upbeat, busy people.  We were delighted to discover a downtown movie theater, and we decided to see FINDING DORY.  (It was okay, but nothing fantastic.  Hank the Septapus stole the show.)  When we stopped in at the visitor's center at Charlevoix, the lady behind the counter asked if she could help us, and I said, "We're new in town and we're looking for stuff to do."

She about fainted with joy, and rushed about the center gathering up pamphlets chock full of things to visit and things to occupy us.  I got the feeling not many people came in with such a request.

We also loafed around the cottage and the little wind-swept beach.  I did a lot of reading and harping.  On the first three days, we spent a lot of money in restaurants, then finally located a decent grocery store near Petosky and loaded up the cottage so we could cook cheaper meals.  (In Mackinaw City, expect to pay $12-15 per person for an entree.  It adds up fast.)

All too quickly, the week ended and we had to drive home.  Our honeymoon has ended.  The marriage begins!


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