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When Bethany and Bill Got Married

The reason Darwin and I stayed up in Clare was that my sister Bethany was marrying her fiance Bill on Saturday.  The ceremony was small and informal in their back yard, with a potluck reception afterward.

For some reason, Bethany asked me to bring deviled eggs.  In hindsight, I should have said I'd bring something else--deviled eggs don't travel well, and I wouldn't start the day in my home kitchen.  But then I hit on the idea of making the filling at home and putting it in one container, then storing the boiled whites in another container, both of which I'd bring in a cooler.  At Bethany and Bill's house, I could just combine the two sides.  Easy!

Saturday turned out to have perfect weather--70s, a bit of a breeze, sunny.  Delightful for an outdoor wedding.  Darwin and I drove up from Clare to help with the ceremony setup.

This made the fourth wedding in three years in our family, the second that I officiated at.  Our family keeps growing!

Darwin and I arrived and got the altar area set up very nicely.  I was also playing the harp for this, so I tuned up Corey as well.  (Darwin joked that the only thing I wasn't doing was walking Bethany down the aisle.  "You're not, are you?" he asked.)

Family members arrived, and I met a number of Bill's family that I'd only heard about or seen on-line, including his sons Ben and Nic, who I suppose are now my nephews.  Hi, guys!

At last the wedding was set to begin.  I played everyone down the aisle, then began the ceremony.  It was a whole lot of weeping!  I mean, seriously.  And no one in the wedding party had any tissues.  During one of the songs, I slipped out and snatched a few from Darwin to hand to Bethany, who was in desperate need!  :)  I pronounced them husband and wife, and we had smooching.

During the reception, my mother (who was matron of honor) gave a toast that had everyone alternately laughing and bawling again, including her.  My brother Paul gave the other toast, in which he revealed many hilarious family secrets.

And there was food, of course.  And speculation on what Bethany's proper title was.  "Her full title would be Dr. Mrs. Gareiss," I said.  "If Bill was the doctor, Bethany would be Mrs. Dr. Gareiss.  Now Bill--he's Mr. Dr. Gareiss."

Now Bill and Bethany are married.  May they have many long years together!



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Jul. 14th, 2016 05:22 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to the happy couple. Wishing them many happy years together.
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