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The Trouble With SHIELD

When the TV show SHIELD started airing, I watched most of the first season, then lost interest and faded out.  I voiced my disappointment to several friends, who reassured me that the show "got way better."  Meh.  I don't watch shows on the hope they'll get better.  They need to be at least decent to start, and SHIELD wasn't.  I dropped it.

Now SHIELD has become available for streaming on Netflix, and I added it to my streaming queue to watch while I'm cooking or folding laundry.

I still have problems with it.

The biggest problem is that the story moves so slowly.  This is supposed to be an action-based, super-hero type show, but my god it takes a long time for anything to happen!  Four, five, six, episodes, and a plotline has barely budged forward.  This makes it a good show to watch when I'm doing something else--I can miss huge chunks of the show and still follow what's going on because NOTHING HAPPENS.

The characters aren't interesting, either.  They all apparently live within SHIELD.  With a tiny fiew exceptions, we don't see family, friends, hobbies, or anything else outside the SHIELD quinjet.  SHIELD never interferes with the characters' lives because these characters HAVE no lives.  Dull, dull, dull.

The show is filled with idiot plots.  If Fitz is brain-damaged and suffers shaking hands, why on earth would you send him into the field to assemble a piece of equipment under duress?  A =monkey= could do it.  So send one in.  In fact, a scientist-agent who can barely speak and can't operate equipment shouldn't even be on active duty.  And how many layers of SHIELD people are there, anyway?  How could Coulson become director of the whole shebang without being aware of an entire faction of SHIELD people who claim the be the =real= SHIELD?

There was the death of Dr. Whitehall, too.  He was a major villain, big-time, overarcing bad guy.  And then--foop!  He's dead, killed by a "what are ya gonna do?" shot in the head by Coulson.  No, it wasn't shocking or startling.  I felt cheated.

We spend most of a seaons looking for the Kree city, and when we finally get there, what is it?  A few fake stone walls around an shitty little altar. That's =it=?  You could see them wobble, for god's sake.  What happened, Marvel--you run out of money to pay the set designer?

And if this show is supposed to be about awesome cool agents who chase after people wtih super powers, WHERE ARE THE SUPER POWERS?  Where are the super-heroes?  Where are the super-villains?  I know the big names are tied up in movies, but there are lots of others.  The only ones we see are people with super- strength--super cheap to film, is what they are.  Super boring, too.  There's that blind guy who can teleport, but did you ever notice how half the time they do a lame-ass sound effect off-camera and he steps into the shot?  And Skye's new super-power is created by shaking the camera.  Ooooo!  That's some good TV there!  It looks cheap because it IS cheap.  Marvel's afraid to spend money on this show.

I'm currently watching Skye sigh and mutter her way through the hidden city in the mountains as she does the, "I have super powers. Woe is me!" thing.  Yeah, like that's believable.  Oh no!  I have super powers!  The horror!  Stupidest, lamest trope in the book.

So I half-watch a few episodes while I cook, then switch over to some nature shows or something and wonder why the hell Marvel can't hire some decent TV writers.


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Jul. 17th, 2016 04:33 pm (UTC)
I found the first season of SHIELD kind of "meh," and barely held on through the second. The third season is where it really starts to get good. If you can hold on that long, its worth it.
Jul. 19th, 2016 02:10 pm (UTC)
If I can hold on that long, indeed!

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