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Maksim Crawling Toward a Smart Phone

Maksim is entering high school this fall.  (!!)  As a teacher, I know that it's way easier at school if you have a smart phone, and Maksim doesn't have one yet.  He's dying to have one, though.

As a parent, I saw the opportunity.

A colleague of mine was selling a smart phone, and I bought it from her, then dangled it in front of Maksim.  "This cost $125," I said.  "If you want it, you have to earn it.  Yard work, cleaning, other chores."

"How long will that take?" he asked.

"Depends on the work you do."

Over the summer so far, he's done a fair amount of work, usually in the yard,and now he's in the home stretch.

"You'll hit the final total," I said, "when you clean your room."

This was a major deal.  Maksim's room, like many teenager's rooms, looks like the results of an explosion in a department store.  He straightens it every so often, under duress, but it hasn't been CLEANED in a long time.

"If you haven't used it in two years," I said, "it needs to go.  Tossed or donated.  No toys on the dresser top.  All surfaces washed.  All clothes gone through.  When in doubt, ask yourself, 'Will Dad be happy with this?' "

He's been working on it for two days now.  We'll see how it goes . . .


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