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Autism Housing: The Call

Just now I got a call from the Disability Network for Oakland and Macomb Counties.  I've been trying to get Aran on their radar for weeks, and finally we seem to be.  The woman I spoke with has Aran's file now, and she asked what kind of housing we were looking for: a lone apartment, an apartment with roommates, a group home, what?

Aran wants to live with people so he can have some friends.  I agreed that he needs to live with people as well, since his default setting seems to be holing up in his room and interacting with people as little as possible.  Roommates or group living would force him to be at least a little social.  An aide who can check on him from time to time (two times a week or so) would also be necessary.  I'll check on him, of course, but I won't be around forever.

I also brought up Section 8 housing--Aran is eligible for it--but the woman said that no places were taking applications for Section 8 housing available right now.  I didn't know this kind of thing was limited.  Huh.

The woman, who was quite friendly, said she would make some phone calls and get back to me.  We'll see what happens . . .


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