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Unexpected Steaks

Today, my ex-wife texted me to say she was at the store and they had Porterhouse steaks on mega-sale, but she couldn't cook them--her broiler doesn't work right and she has no grill.  Perhaps she could bring them over for a cookout . . . ?

Well, sure!

I popped out to the store and got some corn on the cob, broccoli, and the ingredients for cheese potato casserole.  I whipped up the latter and got it in the oven.  Kala arrived, and I finished prep on the other stuff, which included cubing a watermelon I already had.  When Darwin got home, Kala laid the enormous steaks on the smoking hot grill and grilled them to perfection just as the potatoes came out of the oven.  We all sat down to delicious steaks with cheese potatoes, buttery corn on the cob, fresh broccoli, and cool watermelon.  It was a summer delight!
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