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Darwin's Birthday Celebration

Darwin turned 50 this year, and he said he didn't want anything made of it.  He says that about every birthday.  It makes him very hard to shop for, too.  "What would you like for your birthday?"  "Oh, just having you all with me is enough of a present."  That's a beautiful sentiment, but it's hard to wrap.

Anyway, he finally admitted that there was a particular computer program he wanted.  I was thinking he meant a video game or something, but when I pressed, he named it.

It was a PDF viewer.

So now whenever my dear, sweet husband calls me a geek, I can say, "You wanted a PDF viewer for your birthday."

While he was at work, I found the program on-line, paid for it, and downloaded it to his computer.  There!

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, I made his cake.  I'd ganked the idea from an on-line posting from a Facebook friend.  I set some chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream out to soften, then lined the bottom of a springform pan with a crust made of graham cracker crumbs and milk.  Then I quartered a bunch of ice cream sandwiches and stood them up all around the sides of the pan like Stonehenge.  Into the bottom half of the pan, I scooped cookie dough ice cream until the pan was half full, then topped it with softened chocolate ice cream.  All this I covered and put into the freezer for two days.  The day before Darwin's birthday, I whipped some heavy whipping cream with powdered sugar and vanilla, spread it over the top of the cake, and put it back in the freezer.

A while ago, Darwin mentioned that his mother used to make cube steak a lot and he missed it.  He didn't have a recipe from her, but from what he described and from what I knew about his mother, I figured I could make it for his birthday.  I pounded four cube steaks flat, then dipped them in egg, dredged them in a mixture of flour, salt, and pepper, and fried them in a little oil.  Ta da!  Chicken fried cube steak.  This we had with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob.  Darwin loved it.

Then the cake came out of the freezer.  I drizzled salted caramel sauce over the top, put on one candle for each of five decades, and it was happy birthday!

I love you, Darwin.



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Jul. 31st, 2016 04:08 am (UTC)

Happy Birthday to Darwin. Welcome to the 50 club.  It's not so bad (I say, less than 2 months in it myself). On the bright side, if you haven't recieved your AARP invitation yet, you will soon. The cake sounds really fun. Will have to try it soon.

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