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BONE WAR and Diversity

The kind of main character you usually find in fantasy is a straight white male.  I was more than halfway through BONE WAR before I realized I didn't have any of those in the trilogy.

Really.  I don't.

Danr, the main character, is half troll.  He isn't fully human.

Aisa, a primary character, is a Middle-Eastern woman.  Or rather, she's from a culture based on the Middle East.

Talfi, another primary character, is a white male, but he's gay.

Ranadar, who starts off as a minor character in the beginning of the series and becomes a major character by the end, is a white male (though an elf), and he's also gay.


I didn't set out to do this on purpose.  It just happened.  Danr came to me when I was reading a set of children's stories about Norwegian trolls.  Aisa started off as an image--a woman wrapped in rags that hid even her face and hands.  I wanted to know who she was and why she wrapped herself up.  Talfi was originally based on Thjalfi, the mortal boy from Norse mythology who became Thor's servant.  I always wondered what it would be like to be a teenaged boy who was unexpected snatched into a world of gods and monsters--and immortality.

I did deliberately set out to create a set of outcast heroes.  A half-blood human-troll.  An escaped slave.  An immortal boy who loved a man.  An elf who betrayed his (evil) family for love.

Along the way, I accidentally created a more diverse cast than I thought.

BONE WAR is available at bookstores!

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