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Staycation Week

Darwin is off this week, and we wanted to do a family vacation, but money is too tight for a trip.  However, the Detroit Metro area has lots of stuff to do, so we decided to try a stay-at-home vacation.

Saturday turned rainny and became a lay-around and sleep day (for Darwin, anyway--I did a lot of laundry and other stuff).

Sunday we took the boys to the Eastern Market in Detroit, a weekly open-air market on Detroit's east side.  Unexpectedly, we discovered the Michigan Renaissance Festival was putting in an appearance, complete with crowds of people in period dress, sword fighting, music, and dancing.  How delightful!  We browsed the stalls and watched free shows.  One of the food trucks was selling beignes hot out of the fryer.  Crispy-hot-sweet-tender delicious.

We also stopped at a local art fair, but it was . . . meh.  Two blocks of stalls selling very nice art, but there was no real soul to the place.  Unlike the Ann Arbor art fair, there was one food truck, no entertainment, no music (except a guy doing percussion at the end of the street).  It had no rhythm or energy to it, and it was dry and uninteresting.  Ah well.  We'll know not to go next year.

Monday we went to the beach.  Darwin knew of the unimaginatively named Dodge State Park #4, where he went as a kid, and we decided to go.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed out.  I have to tell you, the beach was absolutely splendid.  It was long and narrow, with soft sand and a lack of toe-mashing rocks.  The water was the perfect temperature for swimming.  We ate, then swam, then rested (I read), then swam some more.  A fine day at the beach.

Tuesday it'll be the zoo . . .


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