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Zoo and Beach

For our home vacation, we (Darwin, Maksim, Aran, and I) went to the Detroit Zoo on Wednesday.  Kala joined us.  The weather was supposed to be low 80s and pleasant, but it hit 90 and muggy!  Aran and I carried umbrellas for portable shade, and did we care what other people thought?  We did not!

The five of us wandered about the zoo, watching a variety of animals.  The new Penguinarium was still attracting a lot of attention, and like the polar bear exhibit, it included a glass tunnel under the penguin pool so you could see the penguins swimming.  Penguins!

Kala liked the lemurs, which we didn't remember them having before.  Aran's favorite was the tiger, totally zonked out on his back.  I liked the ibises in the aviary.  I also took some photos in the butterfly house.

We finished the day hot and sweaty and animaled out.  At home, we decided to make a quick trip back to the nice beach from yesterday to cool off, and it was a perfect way to cap off the day.


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