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New Windows and Hummingbird Feeders

Lately, the hummingbirds have been snarfing down the syrup.  Two full feeders drained in a week!  I wonder if they have babies somewhere.

I used to have a third feeder.  It hung on a hook under the eaves that was there when we moved in, but the hook took a ladder to reach.  I hung one the third feeder from it for a while, but the inconvenience of hauling out the ladder to refill it was too much, so I stopped.  This was too bad--the hook is right outside my bedroom window, and it was very nice seeing hummingbirds at the feeder there.

Then we got the new windows!

The new windows open from both the left and the right.  Because of this, I can now open the window from the left and reach the hook from inside the house.  Cool!

Today I refilled the two other feeders and set out the third feeder again.  Within minutes, all three were busy with darting hummingbirds.


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