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Hummingbird Wars, Revisited

We started the season with one hummingbird that visited our two feeders.  Then it was two hummingbirds--a mated pair.

They must have had babies, because in the past few weeks I've seen at least two other hummingbirds at the front porch feeder.

However . . .

Hummingbirds DO NOT SHARE.  Ohhh, how they do not share.  As these young hummingbirds have gotten older, they've started fighting over the feeder.  They dive-bomb each other and chase each other through the pine trees, chittering angrily all the while.  "All the syrup are MINE!" they screech.

Never mind that there's more in that feeder than any family of hummingbirds could drink in a month.  Never mind that two other fully-stocked feeders hang in the back yard and outside the bedroom window.  No, no--this is MINE!!!

Also interesting is that Mama and Papa just let them fight.  When the two siblings are having at, the parents slip in for a drink.  Just like humans.


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