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Mr. Bitey, Round II

Bernard the Biter had been moping around the house since Friday.  Low energy, licking under his tail, occasional yowls of discomfort.  This was exactly what he'd done last time, and the vet basically said it was stomach upset, change his food.

So this time, I gave him different food and mostly ignored him.  But by Sunday, the problem had gotten worse. And worse. Bernard was making litter box accidents.  Then I found blood dribbled outside the litter box.  We were forced to look up a vet that was open on Sunday. We got out the cat carrier and discovered it was drenched in urine.  At least one of the cats--probably Bernard--had been using it for a litter box.  Nothing for it now but to line the thing with towels and go.

Darwin was freaking out.  Animals are a soft spot for him.  He likes to say he doesn't care one way or another about the cats, and he refuses to take care of them, but he gets extremely upset when one of them is hurt.

I didn't point out to Darwin that we were playing the stereotype--two gay men taking their cat to the vet together, with one of them in panic mode over his "baby."

The vet found an alarming amount of blood in Bernard's urine and she said it was either due to an infection or to crystals.  She gave us antibiotics and pain meds for him.  I'm hoping for the infection, which the antibiotics will clear up.  If it's crystals, he'll require special diet and more frequent checkups--and more expensive care.

The problem was getting him to eat and drink when we got him home--he was dehydrated.  I gave him milk, his favorite treat, and rubbed canned cat foot into his fur so he'd lick it out.  He actually ignored the milk, but drank a lot of water, which was good.

Mr. Bitey seems to have perked up on the antibiotics already, so my fingers are crossed for the infection!


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