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The Naming of Cats

Are your cats named whimsically (Puffy Paws), seriously (Bast), traditionally (Patches), or something else?

The cat names in my family have run the gamut from mundane to unique.  We always had a cat or cats from my earliest memory, and, just for the heck of it, here they are, in order:

Henrietta (named after Henrietta Pussycat from Mister Rogers)
Midnight (all black)
RC ("Rat Catcher," which she was extraordinarily good at)
Lightfoot (from the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books--he also had two white socks)
Benvenuto (from a book about a dragon, except the cat was female while the dragon was male)
Joe Cool ("Joey" for short)

Here we had a gap when I went to college.  Joey was always my cat, and I had planned to take him with me when I got out of school and had a place of my own, but he ran away and disappeared just after my parents moved.

Addison (named after MOONLIGHTING's David Addison because he liked sleeping on women's chests)
Ranadar (a name with a complicated origin; it shows up again in BONE WAR)
Poltergeist (because he was loud, demanding, and liked to knock things over)
Sirius Black (another black cat, named after the Harry Potter character)
Omen (born on 06/06/06)
Alec (a shelter cat who was given that name for reasons unknown)
Dinah (named after Alice in Wonderland's cat)
Bernard (another adopted cat who came with his name)

During the Henrietta/Midnight/RC years, we had a few litters of kittens, some of whom we named.  But these are the cats we kept.  RC gave birth to Lightfoot and Benvenuto.  Benvenuto gave birth to Joey.  Lightfoot died of feline leukemia, and he was one of the first cats in the country to come down with it.  No one knew what it was then.

How do you name your cats?



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Sep. 2nd, 2016 02:04 pm (UTC)
Every cat comes with a name that suits either their acquisition or their obvious personality, and then adds onto it as they grow/develop/show more of that personality.

Indiana was named Indy because we found her as a wee kitten on our way back from the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and I was NOT naming her Short Round. She was "Indy J" her entire life, no additional names required, except "that psychotic calico" (said in tones of affectionate despair)

Pandora was so-named because she came out of the box she'd been hiding in, and I didn't think "Hope" worked for her. "Pandora, Purrmonster, Her Serene Grace the Duchess" was her full name, no explanation really needed.

Boomerang got his name because he'd been adopted and then returned to the shelter before he tagged me. He unfolded like a flower, at age 13 ending up Boomerang Fool of a Took, Cat of No Brain, Meatloaf in Training, SugarCat. AKA "Boomer you idiot," also known to the internet as CatofSize.

Cas is Castiel, Kitten of Thursday, for his appearance (ruffled black fur, deep scratchy meow, white stripe that looked like an off-center tie) and circumstances (he came to me on the hottest day of the year, which happened to be a Thursday (SPN reference, yep). His full name is Castiel Kitten of Thursday, Spawn of Basement Cat, Menace to Society. Answers to "Damn it, Cas!"

(previous to my ability to name the cats, we had - in no particular order) Sebastian, Gremlin, Monique, Peter-Cat, and Tonka)

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Sep. 2nd, 2016 05:09 pm (UTC)
Cloud was my first, named because I meant to call him Zebra and blanked. He was solid gray, and longhaired. Not a Russian Blue.

Shadow was picked up by my roommate from a rest area, and left behind when he skipped state. Named by him for the shadows she was hiding in.

Bossy was white with black spots. Hubby was the first one besides my GF to get that.

Dizzy climbed out of the tub and clunked his head a good'un. Cygnus was named after something Rush song icon album thingy. (they were bottle babies who didn't make it. :( ) Punk, their brother, started out as Nefertiti but becames Ramses when I found out he was a boy, then my husband looked at him and called him a snot-nosed Punk until the name stuck.

Booger started out as Jesse Custer, a comic book character. Again, my husband. Who had approved of the original name! who had intorduced me to the comic! this time, it was because the cat tended to come back from the litter box with a few grains stuck to his nose.

When mom brought home three orphan kittens, I resolved to not get attached and named them dumb boring names. Houdini was the one who kept escaping the enclosure. Stubborn is short for "take the bottle and eat, you stubborn little shit." Sweetie would climb out after her brothers and walk past them to go claim the world while her brothers fought over who was going to get there first. Sweet and innocent and non-troublemaking, hah hah hah. The names stuck after mom decided she couldn't part with them and used her old-lady status to get them both speutered for less than $50. And she thought they were responding to their names.

Lemmy Cuddlemonster was named after Lemmy Kilminster of Motorhead.

Freyr would have been Freya if he was a girl. because Freya and cats and pretty non-English diety names. Freyr (the god) is Freya's brother.

I fostered a litter of kittens and wanted goofy throwaway names, because *everyone* changes the cat's name after they adopt. I was told to give them R names, because they were the 18th litter to come through so far that season. but I ended up keeping two: Rodan and Romita.

Rodan was named after the kaiju, the Japanese horror movie monster. as it turns out, she is big and wide and outwieghs everybody. Her full name is Princess Rodan Flufferbottom, der Kaiju Kittan.

There is also Whiskers, who has side stripes on her face, that I call Bratling. and Jewely was named for the white spots around her neck. They both came with those names, and they are my mother's cats. Even though they spend part of their day napping on my bed, and come to me for pettins.

Romita was named after John Romita Sr & Jr, the comic book artists. Hubby picked out the name, and so far, he's left it alone.
Sep. 3rd, 2016 06:43 am (UTC)
The last round, I went to the shelter for two big robust non-black boy-cats, and came home with two tiny frail black girl-cats, and was at a loss for names, until I remembered that a girl in the Chalet School series was called Sophonisba after her great-aunt, and had another name from her other great-aunt that she hated just as much. I had spent some time trying to persuade my friends to call their daughters Sophonisba as they came, but with small success. Only when I checked, the other great-aunt was called Maryanna, which was no fun at all. So I was griping about this to an art-historian friend, and she pointed out that there were these two early women artists, called Sophonisba and Artemisia; and so it was, and so Sophie and Misha joined the family.

Now we have two big robust boy-cats, and they are called Barry and Mac, which is nothing to do with me. Barry was named by the nurses at the vets, because he'd been found on Barry Street; and Mac was named by his little-old-lady first person, who called him Macadamia because he's nuts. In the end he turned out to be too nuts for her, and so he came to me.
Sep. 3rd, 2016 01:03 pm (UTC)

Cats are another mammal pet type I can't have in the house.  When I was in high school, my oldest friend's mother died from Toxoplasmosis, contracted cleaning up scat from the dozens of strays her neighbor fed.  While we were dating, my wife's basement apartment windows were a favored litterbox alternative, and nothing could keep cats from peeing in her windows.  After I had kids, we went to a party at the home of a former boss, who had two cats (could have been three). The house was filthy with cat hair, and the kids came home infested with mites. My boss kept denying it was from her cats, but my kids were never around any other cats.

Sadly, despite their rep as clean animals, my experiences of them tells otherwise. I just couldn't have one in my home.

Books Chatter
Sep. 13th, 2016 09:01 am (UTC)
Alcoholic drinks has been my theme for the past 20 years.
Tequila (white & tabby), Guinness (B&W), then their children: Brandy (tabby), Sherry (tabby) and Stout (B&W).

We then found and kept two brothers: Whiskey (tabby) & Rum (white & tabby).

Sherry & Rum had babies when they were still to young to be neutered... Cognac (tabby), Vodka (long haired blue), Pernod (blue & white), Murphy & Beamish (both B&W).

We then rescued Shiraz (original name Bonnie - new name, new cat!), she was a long-haired tortoiseshell with one paralysed front paw.

They have all passed away now :-(

The new lot are three rescue cats: Lucky (black), his sister LouLou (tabby) and Suze (B&W, renamed from Susie to fit in with the drinks theme ;-) Lucky is a beer and LouLou is a cocktail! - how convenient is that!!!!)

We then rescued a girl from Greece, her name is Fix (like the Greek beer - she is a red/grey/cream tabby).

The latest family member is Java (B&W) who came with two hidden presents: two blackies, Onyx and Kahlua! Java and Onyx are cool as they can also relate to IT; they are types of stout.


Edited at 2016-09-13 09:10 am (UTC)
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