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Getting the Finger

Yesterday Darwin and I were invited to the house of some friends. Patti and David live on a lake, and it was the Labor Day Last Hurray, a day of barbecuing, boating, and swimming.  The weather was perfect for it: sunny and mid-seventies with a slight breeze.  It was, in fact, the first Labor Day in three years that wasn't cold and rainy.

We all went out on the pontoon boat, anchored in the middle of the lake, and swam.  The water was perfect.  Darwin and David, who didn't swim, huddled together under a small umbrella for shade.  They reminded me of Opus the Penguin and his little hat.  :)

Back on shore, it was delicious grilled steaks and veggies with salad.  For dessert was a cheesecake Darwin and I had brought.  I was wiping a knife to cut it with when my hand slipped.  The knife blade slashed the second finger on my right hand.  Oh, that hurt.  I dropped the knife and ran to the bathroom to run it under water, which hurt even more.  The wound was relatively deep, and it wouldn't stop bleeding.  Darwin brought me paper towels so I could compress it, and it soaked through one set.  When I started on the next set, we decided I had to go to a clinic.  It hurt like hell.

With the shortest of apologies to our hosts, we fled.  There was an urgent care clinic only a few minutes away, fortunately, and they were still open.  (It was 7:30 on Sunday.)  By now, the bleeding had slowed.

The clinic was very nice and well-appointed and they saw me right away. The nurse dinsinfected the wound and the doctor examined it.  He said we could tape it, glue it, or stitch it, though he didn't think it needed stitches.  We finally settled on tape.  That done, the nurse gave me a tetanus shot, and we were able to leave.

My finger is a little touchy today.  Showering with it is awkward--I have to wear a latex glove to keep the bandage dry.  But I'm getting really tired of doctors these days.


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Randy Kerr
Sep. 5th, 2016 05:11 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you faced a crisis with intelligence and grace. Schitt happens. Only how we respond is within our control.
Sep. 5th, 2016 06:41 pm (UTC)

Ouch. Sorry to hear this happened. My son sliced his fingertip open cutting bread at the restaurant where he works. He's been bangaged up, and wearing a "finger condom" in the shower for a week now. He's slathering it in Neosporin when he changes the BandAids, trying to get it healed before college baseball starts next week.

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