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Getting Ready

Like most teachers, I've spent a chunk of pre-Labor Day time getting my classroom ready for the new school year.  It takes an entire day just to arrange desks, hang posters, make copies, and hook up electronics.  The latter includes putting together two computer systems (one for my desk and one for my SmartBoard--first world problems, I know).  Last year, the school's lease on the laptops expired, so we all got new computers.  This is nice in that the new computers are faster and more responsive, but it's bad in that a new computer is always time-consuming.  It takes hours to get all the software rejiggered so it's actually usable.  (Software engineers need to be beaten regularly until they write software that people can actually use instead of how they think people should use it.  For example, the new version of Microsoft Outlook, which I'm required to use for my email, came preloaded with a micrscopic San Serif style font that I simply can't read, and it took me more than an hour to figure out how to change it because the function for that was hidden deep within a sub-sub-sub menu, and then you had to change it three times for three different functions--reading, previewing, and composing--which makes no sense.  Why would I want three different viewing styles for these three integrated functions?  Hand me the beating stick, please.)

I also made extensive modifications to upcoming curriculum, fielded a pileup of email, laminated a bunch of stuff, sat through some pointless meetings, and more, more, more.

But now we're all set and ready to go!


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