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Is It Legal to Shoot Your Neighbors?

A new subdivision is going in next to our neighborhood.  To construct this new subdivision, the developers ripped out and flattened and devastated a beautiful forested section of land.  Everyone in the area is extremely upset about this, but (it turns out), not one of them has complained to the township board.  How do I know?  Because =I= complained to the township board at a public meeting, and they told me that mine was the first complaint they'd received about any development anywhere.  I've been urging people to complain, complain, complain, but apparently it's too much effort to write an email or make a phone call, because no one has.

Now that construction on said subdivision has begun, heavy equipment has started work at 7:00 AM every morning, and you can hear it in our neighborhood.  BEEP BEEP BEEP.  Vrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm!  CRASH!  BEEP BEEP BEEP!  It goes on all day until 5:00 PM, when it abruptly stops.  If your windows are open for the fresh night air, it wakes you up bright and early.  Everyone hates that, too.

Which brings me to my main point.

Everyone hates the noise, the dust, the commotion from the construction.  They hate the ugliness.  They hate the machinery that thunders past the entrance to our neighborhood five days a week.  So on the weekends and holidays, when the heavy machinery falls silent, what happens?

That's right.  They make their own noise.  As I write this, one neighbor is power washing his driveway with an extremely noisy air compressor.  Another neighbor is running a hurricane-strength leaf blower.  Someone else is mowing the lawn with a mower that sounds like it hasn't been oiled since 1852.  When we finally have a day of peace and quiet, every freakin' person who complains about the construction noise creates machinery noise of their own.  And they don't even seem to notice the irony.

I can't do anything about it--they aren't violating a noise ordinance.  But I want to drag out a cannon and shoot it off until they complain, then say, "Oh!  Am I too loud for you?"

It's a real pity.  Darwin and I wanted to stay in this neighborhood until we retired.  Now we're making plans to move, and it's all because of the noise.


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Sep. 8th, 2016 06:15 am (UTC)
The sound of the suburbs is the song of the leafblowers. Not a thing in the inner city, at least not in the UK; but here in Silicon Valley? Driving me batshit crazy. I actually wrote to Dyson, to ask if they couldn't invent a silent leafblower. The world would thank them. Well, the suburban world. Which has got to be their target customer base.
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