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Maksim and Driving

Maksim is gearing up for driver's education.  The youngest in the clan is going for his license!  Or his learner's permit, anyway.  And we began with a little instruction.

Nameless High School's parking lots are extensive, a network of roads and neighborhoods unto themsleves, really, which makes it the perfect place for a new driver to try out some moves.

Maksim is stuck driving our huge truck, since that's the vehicle that'll be most available to him when he does finally get his license, so that's we used.  I drove him over there, installed him in the driver's seat, and went over the controls.  (Unlike Sasha and Aran, Maksim never sat in my lap and drove the car when he was small and this was his first time behind the wheel, so he didn't really know where everything was.)

The main parking lot is several hundred yards wide, which was perfect for our purposes.  I had him drive forward the length of the lot, then drive backward the length of the lot.  Forward and backward, forward and backward.  Great-grandma speed.  A good dozen-odd times.  Once he was comfortable with this, we drove clockwise around the lot so he could get the hand of driving, hand-over-hand turning, using his turn signal, and checking in all direction.  Then we went counter-clockwise for left turns.  He did excellently!

And that was it!  We celebrated his first driving lesson with a soda at 7-11.


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