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A Writer at Loose Ends

Currently I'm a writer at loose ends.  I have no contracts and no deadlines at the moment.  I'm giving myself the month of September off from writing because, what with school starting, is so hectic at my day job.

But I'm finding myself oddly spinning.

I have all this spare time.  I can actually take a little nap when I get home from work.  Or watch a TV show.  Or cook a nice meal.  Or go for a walk with my husband.  Or read a book.

It feels weird.  I'm used to setting aside hours a day, every day, to write, and right now I don't have to do that.  I often find myself not knowing what to do.  I look at the clock--huh.  An hour before bedtime and nothing in particular I have to do.  What shall I do to occupy the time?

In a couple more weeks I'll get back to the keyboard.  I do have more projects in the pipeline.  It's a strange feeling, however, for the moment to be at loose ends.


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