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After Trump's dreadful apology for his filth-laden "grab them by the [!!!]" video, we have this:

Trump's campaign has drastically scaled back its advertising in the battleground states Ohio and Florida, two states he desperately needs to win the election.



You don't cut your advertising in states you need unless you're terminally stupid or running out of money.  While either one easily applies to Trump, it seems more likely our blond billionaire bombshell is running out of money.

Meanwhile, fivethirtyeight.com currently has Clinton's chances of winning the election at 81.4%, up yesterday from 80.1%.  It puts Clinton's chances of winning the "battleground" states of Ohio and Florida at 58.3% and 68.7%, respectively.  Her chances of winning Pennsylvania (another so-called battleground state)? 84.3%.

Trump's campaign is dead. We're just watching the final convulsions.


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