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The Polls

As of this writing, Fivethirtyeight.com puts Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the election at 81.3%.  I've never in my life seen numbers so high for one candidate--or numbers so low for another.

What really surprises me is that it took so long.  Donald Trump has said horrible things about African-Americans, Mexians, and Muslims, quite openly.  He's said things that would have destroyed the chances of any other candidate.  But for some reason, people just excused him or even used his comments as a way to express their own hatred.  "He's just saying what everyone is thinking," which isn't true.  What they mean is, "He's just saying what =I'm= thinking."

I know =I= don't think that way.

However, it took a filth-ridden, sexual assault-laden, profanity-laced attack on a white female celebrity to finally bring him down.  Okay, we'll take it.

The best part, though?  Three days ago, before the video broke the news, fivethirtyeight.com put the Democrats' chances of taking back the Senate at 52%.  Now?  Their chances are 58.3%.  Trump is greatly affecting things down ballot.

I'm very, very interested in tonight's debate.
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