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Exit Halloween, Enter Christmas

Darwin and I needed to do some shopping, and we stopped to look at some Halloween decorations.  Mind you, it's still early October.  We discovered they were nearly all gone.  The store (Lowe's) had already transformed into Christmas Town.

And, to my shame, I caved a little.

Last year, I saw a number of houses decorated with little spotlights that basically sprayed colored lights or designs across the front of your home.  I liked that--you just drove the spotlight's stake into the ground, plugged it in, and voila!  Holiday lights!  No stringing, no climbing, nothing.  But when I went to the store to find said yard lights, I found them all gone.

"They go really fast," the clerk said, "and since they're a holiday item, we don't re-order them."

I made a mental note to get them early next year.

And now it was next year.  At the hardware store, I remembered my mental note and dragged Darwin into the Christmas display to find said lights.  We found several fine examples and selected two, despite my internal alarms that were screaming, "You're encouraging the store to bring in Christmas stuff EARLY! Stop it!  Stop it!"  But I did it anyway because I knew I'd forget the lights later if I didn't get them now.

At this moment, they're sitting in the garage, waiting for December.


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