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The Window Washy Thingy

The outside windows on the back of the house are a mess.  They get rained on a lot, and there's no porch to shelter them, so they get spattered.  The insides are fingerprinted.  Blech!  The problem is, they're so big--three sets of seven-foot high glass doors, with more high-up windows over them.  I've washed them before with spray cleaner and hand towels, and it's a major project, requiring a ladder and a couple hours of work.  Double blech!

At the hardware store last week, I bought a window washy thingy.  It's a squeegee and a scrubber on an extendable handle.  I mixed up some washing solution in a bucket: a gallon of water, a couple teaspoons of dish soap, and a quarter cup of vinegar (to prevent streaking).  Then I set to work.

It was like washing the windshield at a gas station, really.  Zip zip zip, and done!  Washing all the windows inside and out took about twenty minutes.  Now we can actually SEE the back yard, and it was so very, very easy.

Thank you, window washy thingy!


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