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A Lack of Pumpkins

We've given up on the pumpkins.

Really, I'm the only one who seems to care much about carving Halloween pumpkins.  Aran has never much been into them--he only did it because we told him to.  Maksim liked it at first, but in the last few years has also lost interest.  They don't specifically ask, "When are we carving pumpkins?"  Darwin says he wants to carve pumpkins, but doesn't actually do anything about it (like buy pumpkins or set aside time to carve them).  It becomes difficult and a chore to be the only one who wants to do a particular thing, and it's no fun to do it with people who are uninterested, so this year I said we're giving it up.

Darwin objected strenuously, and I said I'd be glad to carve them if he'd buy some pumpkins.  When we were at the cider mill (which had a large collection of them), he didn't say anything about picking some out, not even to say, "Steven and I will carve, even if you boys don't want to."  So the subject dropped.  Maksim and Aran were just fine with the idea.

I bought a metal jack o' lantern with a hanging handle and put it on the shepherd's crook by the front walk.  On Halloween, we'll put a candle or a flashlight in it to show that we're willing to hand out candy.  And thus we've completed our Halloween decorating.

Samhain, however, is another matter entirely...
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