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Halloween, 2016

Last night we did Halloween.  Maksim was conflicted.  Should he go out trick-or-treating one more time, or give it up now that he's in high school?

It was low-key for me.  As I observed elsewhere, no one in the house is really enthusiastic about carving or decorating, and it's a lot of work if I'm the only one.  So this year I just hung a metal jack-o-lantern on a hook in the yard with a flashlight in it and put a bowl of candy by the front door.

Aran put on his pirate costume.  He loves handing out candy:

In the end, Makism decided to go.  He wanted me to go with him for company.  Well, all right.  I almost never get to wear my red cloak anyway.  We have a wide selection of costume materials in our house, so outfits weren't difficult to come by.  I wore a medieval devil's mask with my red cloak.  Maksim wore a cloak of his own with a skull mask and a crown--the king of death.  I was going only to observe, of course.  My t-o-t days are long past, even if I weren't diabetic.

It was a perfect night for trick-or-treat.  Clear, 50s, still air.  Cool enough so you didn't sweat, not so cold you had to wear a coat over your costume.  (Last year it was rainy and COLD.)  And there was no one out.

Seriously.  We went around the entire subdivision and didn't see a single other trick-or-treater.  Maksim cleaned up, as a result.  "Here!" people groaned.  "Take a handful!  Take two handfuls!"  One guy tipped most of the bowl into Maksim's bag.  His pillowcase swelled to the size of a watermelon.

Back home, Aran reported only getting four or five visitors of his own, so we added our own bowl to Maksim's collection.  Darwin joined in to look.

In the morning, Maksim placed huge bowls of candy all throughout the house. 
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