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Samhain, 2016

After Halloween, we had Samhain.  We brought in all the stuff from the outdoor altar, including the big Goddess statues, and installed them beneath the indoor altar.  We lit candles all throughout the house, removed the God statues and put them away until Yule, then extinguished all the candles.

We also had a Samhain fall feast of fried potatoes with sausage, cooked apples, garlic pickles, goat cheese, and ciabatta bread.  Delicious!

The day after Samhain we always sleep in--we're up late--and then we winterize the house.  This means we bring in all the deck furniture, take down the hummingbird feeders, store the hose away, and so on.  We decided to leave the new porch furniture out, since we don't have any space in the garage for it and it's made for outdoors, but we did take up the porch rug and hose the dust off everything.

Now we're ready for winter.
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