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My Spill

This happened at World Fantasy Con, but warrants its own entry.

At World Fantasy, I was determined to keep up my running.  The hotel had a fitness center, but treadmill running is excruciatingly dull, and the weather was perfect, so I decided to run outside.  Good way to explore a little, too.

I queued up the next episode of Zombies, Run! on my phone, put on my earpiece, and headed out.  It was perfect running weather--not too hot, not too cold.  I found myself running easily, too, which is always nice.  (Some days the running is simply difficult, as if my body is saying, "What the hell are you doing to us?")

I got about ten minutes into it when I came down off a driveway curb wrong and fell.

I still don't know what caused it.  I knew the curb was there.  I saw it coming perfectly well and was prepped for it.  I didn't turn my ankle or come down off it expecting more or less space beneath me.  I just came down and . . . fell.

Naturally I tried to regain my balance, but this turned out hugely difficult.  I was going at a fast clip, so all my momentum propelled me in the wrong direction and made it all the harder to correct myself.  I stumbled, managed two more steps, then slammed into a freestanding parking garage sign.  That ended any chance of recovering, and I went down, tangled up with the metal sign.  It all made a tremendous crash.  My momentum dragged me another two or three feet down the sidewalk on my right side.  My phone flew off to my right.  (I had forgotten my armband carrier, and was holding it in my hand.)  Pain tore down my shoulder and my knee and lanced through my wrist.  I fetched up against the brick wall of the parking garage and lay there, stunned for a second.

"Are you all right?"  This from a set of pedestrians--two women and a man in their twenties.  They were looking down at me with concern.

I ran a check.  Nothing broken.  My ankles weren't hurt.  Several abrasions, probably forthcoming bruises.  My wrist hurt quite a lot.  But nothing life-threatening or worth calling an ambulance for.

"I think so," I said.  "That hurt."

The young man offered a hand to pull me upright, which I accepted.  My phone lay a foot away, and when I picked it up, the screen was broken, despite the heavy-duty case.  Fuck.  That upset me more than any of the injuries.  And my earpiece was missing entirely--nowhere in sight.  One of them women handed it to me--she must have found it.  I didn't even notice it falling out.

The parking garage sign was badly dented.  It looked like a camel had kicked it.  Stupid piece of shit sign.  If it hadn't been there, I probably would have regained my balance and none of this would have happened.

I thanked the trio again for their help and they continued on their way.

I considered my options.  None of my injuries were worth going to a hospital or urgent care over.  I was pissed off about my phone and my left side burned with pain, but my legs and ankles were fine.  Should I quit for the day or keep going?

In the end, I decided to keep going.  I was afraid if I stopped, my muscles would stiffen up and I'd be in even worse pain later.

I finished the run, my earlier good mood utterly spoiled, and not even the sight of a man walking four beagles at once in a park could lighten things.  Well, maybe a little.

Back at the hotel, I took a long, hot shower, wincing at the fresh pain as the water hit the abrasions.  I had several on my shoulder, arm, and leg.  Inexplicably, my jaw hurt as well, though I hadn't hit my head.  It must have been from the jolt.  And my wrist really hurt.

I looked up pharmacies on my cracked phone.  None were within walking distance, and I =really= didn't feel like walking four blocks to my car so I could drive to one.  So I went down to the convenience store in the hotel lobby and paid a scandalous price for a small bottle of ibuprofen there.  I swallowed a handful.  Rather than go out for supper, I opted for the hotel restaurant, which was more than I wanted to pay for, but necessary.  I braced myself for bed, afraid I'd be really stiff and in serious pain in the morning.  But when I woke up, that wasn't the case.  The abrasions hurt, but I had no muscle aches.  The continued run, hot water, and meds had done their job.

When I got home, I bought a wrist brace.  I think I have minor sprain.

I didn't run again, either.  But I will.



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Nov. 2nd, 2016 01:19 pm (UTC)
Oh no, Steven, I'm so sorry! Glad it wasn't even more serious, but ouch!
Nov. 3rd, 2016 01:45 am (UTC)
Thanks. It was a definite ouch!
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