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Break and Repair

When I took my spill at World Fantasy, my phone hit the concrete and the screen cracked badly.  Over the next week and a half, the cracking worsened and finally took over a big chunk of the left side.  Sectors of the screen didn't respond well, and were illegible.  Clearly, I would have to have it repaired.

Whenever I mentioned this fact to various people, the answer was invariably the same.

"Wow!  That's going to be expensive."

"Geez, if you take that to the Apple store, it's going to cost huge. You'll probably be better off buying a new phone."

"That sucks.  Are you going to just buy a new phone?  It'll probably be cheaper."

"Is your phone still under warranty?  No?  Yikes.  You may as well just buy a new phone."

I also looked this issue up on-line and found much the same answer.  Cracked screen?  Be expected to pay through the nose if you go to the Apple store!  And if you go to an off-brand place, Apple will no longer touch your phone ever again.  Danger!  Danger!  Cracked screen is lose-lose!  You're better off moving to a desert island and swearing off smart phones forever!

So it was with a certain amount of unease I went to the Apple store.

The Apple store has been widely lampooned elsewhere, so I won't do it here.  The place was immensely crowded, however, and a suspiciously large number of children were playing with iPads, and I wondered how many actually had parents in the store.

It took nearly half an hour for us to be seen by an extremely helpful and friendly technician who examined my phone thoroughly--

--and quoted a repair of less than half of what everyone said it would cost.  It was less than a seventh of the cost of a new phone.

"We'll have it done in about half an hour," she promised, and handed me a printed receipt for my phone.

Darwin and I went to lunch at a nearby food court.  We returned in the allotted time and my phone was good as new.

Sometimes the groupmind fails!


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