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On Tuesday, the high school where I teach is holding a series of assemblies for all students. Why? Because so many of our students have been terrified by Trump's election. Our Muslim students have been asked, "Are you being deported?" Our administrators have received dozens and dozens and dozens of emails and phone calls from parents reporting that their students are frightened by the election and the talk they hear in the hall from other students. The administrators and counselors decided we needed to have an assembly to help the student body deal with this.
This didn't happen when Obama was elected. It didn't happen when any other president was elected, in fact. This is a first. I've never seen my students so frightened.
At lunch today, I was talking with a fellow teacher who was moved to tears because he was so upset over impending issues that will affect his family because of this election. I was half crying with him.
And I live in a Republican county in a Republican state. Let me repeat that: I live in a REPUBLICAN county in a REPUBLICAN state. Trump's own party is horrified at this.
When people say we need to be unified behind the president, that we need to respect him because he's in the White House and he won, I respond, "In no way!" I have never seen so much fear, horror, and outright terror among my students. Trump is not a figure of respect. He is a figure of hatred and fear. And we must find ways to fight him.


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