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Surgery and Running

Yesterday I ran again for the first time since the operation.  The doctor told me to ease into it, but I didn't really need him to tell me that.  I haven't run in three weeks, and if I tried to do my usual run now, my heart would no doubt bolt out of my rib cage and flop to the floor.

I got on the treadmill, intending to do a lot of fast walking and maybe a little slow running, if I felt up to it, and I told myself it would be perfectly fine to stop at any point if I got too tired or winded.  I mean, two weeks after the operation, it was all I could do to walk from one end of the house to the other.  My first day back at work completely destroyed me--I should have stayed home another day.  At three weeks, I felt fine, but I hadn't gone above a walk even once in all that time, so slow and careful it would be.

But I surprised myself.  I fast-walked for several minutes and felt no real exertion, so I cranked up the speed a little more.  By the time I was halfway through the Jeopardy episode (I run to Jeopardy a lot), I was doing a reasonable, if slow, jog.  When the episode ended, I didn't feel like I'd worked out much at all.  Huh.  I queued up another episode, edged the speed up a tiny bit, and kept going.

My body gave me "Hey, watch it!" warnings at this point, so I didn't go any faster.  I managed to get nearly all the way through the second episode before things became more serious, and went for a cool-down and shower.

That was good news, really.  I had been afraid that after having my abdominal wall pierced in three places and a chunk of my body sliced out and then sitting around for three weeks, I'd be way out of shape.    But I did very well, considering.

So we're have to carefully increase until things are back to normal.


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