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Craigslist FTW

When Darwin and I moved into our current house, the place came with a basement rec room complete with pool table, bar, and bar furniture.  We used the pool table for a while, but no one developed any real interest in it, and eventually it went unused.  We also never entertained in the rec room.  Our main floor is better set for entertaining, with an open floor plan, easy access to the kitchen, and three patio doors that lead outside to the back deck.  No one goes downstairs, and it would be a pain to shlep food from the kitchen down there, and bring detritus back up again when we have all this room on the main floor anyway.

So I decided to get rid of all the rec furniture and use that area for exercise.  The current exercise room can become a guest room.

I thought dumping the rec room furniture would be hard.  Who would want a used pool table, especially one labeled "Come and get it"?  But I gamely took a bunch of photos and created an ad on Craig's.

Within a day, I had more than a dozen offers.  By the end of the second day, the pool table was gone.


Next, I decided to list the bar and the assorted bar stools and bar chairs.  Once again, I took photos and hit up Craig's List.  I am not exaggerating here--the ad was live for less than twenty minutes before I got a call.  The buyer came over, we hauled everything out of the basement, and off he went.  I now have an empty room.  If I'd know it was this easy, I would have done it months ago.

Craig's list for the win!


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