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Snowstorm Decorating

Darwin and I were supposed to go to Ypsilanti for more research on Sunday, but a big weather system moved in.  HUGE STORM! the weather service shouted.  MANY INCHES OF SNOW! ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD GO OUTSIDE IN THIS!

So we nixed the trip and decided to decorate the house instead.

We got started just as the storm began in earnest, so we had the perfect Michigan combination of snow, pine boughs, lights, and decorations. Darwin got all dressed up:

Maksim figured out where the lights plugged in.

Aran took more photos.  He was also our designated top-of-the-tree decorator.

I had bought a pine garland and intended to use it as a runner for the dining room table, but it was way too long.  Darwin had another suggestion, and it came out beautifully:

In the end, it all turned out just lovely.  With the snow coming down outside and the lights on inside on the tree, everything felt soft and cozy.  I even made a batch of cookies (and started two other batches of treats that have to refrigerate overnight).

Dinah gave her stamp of approval.

Not long after that, my phone rang.  Snow day tomorrow!

We're ready!


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Dec. 14th, 2016 05:00 pm (UTC)
Gods your house looks lovely. And the decorations too!


I miss winter. It looks beautiful, sirrah.
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