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Late Dentisty, Snow, and Speedy Cooking

Maksim has a chipped tooth from having his braces off, and we kept forgetting to call the dentist about getting it fixed.  Today, I finally called.  Our dentist keeps evening hours on Wednesdays.

"We have an opening at 6:20," the receptionist said.  "Our next available appointment isn't until Tuesday at 11:00."

It was 5:15.  I glanced at the beef tips I had been planning for supper.  The dentist is ten minutes away.  The beef tips had to be cooked today, or they'd go bad.

"Okay," I said.  "We'll be there."

I bolted itno the kitchen.  Could I pull this off?

My knife flashed through the vegetables, slicing peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  I set rice on the stove to boil and melted butter in two saute pans, then set oil to warm in a third.  When the butter was melted and bubbly, I dropped sliced peppers, onions, and pea pods into them to sizzle, along with a little soy sauce and red wine.  Into the other pan went the mushrooms with salt and lemon juice and red wine.

Once those were going, I set the tips to cooking in olive oil with salt and yet more wine.  I shouted for Aran to come up and set the table.  The clock was ticking above the hissing stove, and I shook pans while minutes passed.

When the steak was done, I poured off drippings and yanked together a small pan of onion gravy.  At 5:50, I rushed everything to the table: beef tips sauteed in red wine with mushrooms, sauteed vegetables, steamed rice, onion gravy.  Ha!  The master chef strkes again!

It was very good.

At 6:07, I abandoned Darwin to do the cleanup and zipped out the door with Maksim straight into a snowstorm.  (!)  We hadn't even known it was snowing!  It was serious stuff, too.

We toddled down the snowy street, carefully negotiating turns and curves, and made it to the dentist at exactly 6:20.  Whew!  Maksim's tooth was repaired in an hour.  American health care for the win!

On our way back, the sky miraculously cleared, revealing a full, rich moon hovering over the remaining clouds.  It was a hella busy evening!
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