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Lights, the Easy Way

A new kind of Christmas lights have emerged.  They're a combination of laser lights and LEDs.  The unit looks like a miniature flood light on a stake.  You drive it into your lawn, plug it in, and it floods the outside wall of your house with a pattern of light.  They're a fast, easy change from unlooping miles of cord, standing on ladders in cold weather, slipping and falling, and paying high electricity bills.

The NEW YORK TIMES is critical:


Not overtly, you'll notice.  But the reporter spends a great deal of time interviewing people who dislike the new lights.  "Lazy," says one guy who starts setting up =his= complicated house lights in August and who talks about a "steady flow" of cars driving by his house, even though he dislikes hanging the lights.  (Sounds like he's in a "keep up with the Dickwads" competition with his neighbors.) Another house lights enthusiast dismisses the new kind of lighting with a sniffy wave, describing them as asthetically displeasing.  Of course, he runs a business that charges $2,500 and up to decorate people's houses and apartments in Manhattan.  Who have thought?

Despite this criticism, the new lights are flying off the shelves.  Last year, I noticed one at a neighbor's house for the first time and instantly decided I wanted a set, too, but the stores were all sold out.  This year, I found  them in October at the store and snatched up a set before they could vanish again.  I tucked them away until it was time to decorate.

I adore  them!

See, I love having house lights.  I really do.  It looks so nice to have windows outlined in colored lights, especially when you're coming home in the dark. It makes the house look happy and festive.  But putting them up is such a pain, especially when you work two jobs and are raising children, and . . . and . . . and . . . Putting them up is a cold, frustrating job.  Taking them down--ditto.  So these new lights?  Glee!

I took a little light out of the box, twirled the stake into place, and plugged it in with an outdoor extension cord.  The whole yard flooded with a rainbow of light.  I aimed the light where I wanted it (so it would light the main part of the house), and pushed the stake into the ground.  I repeated the procedure with a second one to light the garage.

Done!  I now had a nicely lit house with only a few minutes' work.  And the LEDs will only add a few cents to my electric bill.

The TIMES can stuff it.


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