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Rescuing the Fruitcake

I made two fruitcakes a while ago.  They used regular dried fruit, not the candied fruit, thank you.  (I like fruitcake, but I'm less fond of the fake-y fake version.)  But although I followed the recipe exactly, the cakes crumbled when they came out of the pans.  Not enough moistured?  I don't know.  They tasted fine, but you'd have to eat them with a spoon, and they spread crumbs everywhere when you tried.

I thought for a while, and hit on making cake balls instead.

I got some cream cheese frosting and whirled with the fruitcake in my food processor for a bit, then chilled the mass overnight to stiffen it.  Then I melted some white chocolate in the microwave and used a cookie scoop to form the fruitcake mixture into balls, which I dipped into the white chocolate and set on waxed paper.  They came out messy--I can't for the life of me figure out how people make perfectly smooth anything when they dip--but they hardened nicely out on the front porch.  The boys tried them with some coaxing, and then devoured them.  They lasted only a day.

Meanwhile, they won't touch regular fruitcake.  Ha!
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