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A little background:

The Rockettes were asked to perform at Trump's inauguration. Horrified, many of the women refused. The company that employs the Rockettes at first seemed to be saying the dancers were required to dance for His Dictatorship's pleasure, but later recanted and said no dancer was ever required to dance at any gig they didn't like.  In the end, it turned out only about 18 of the dancers were willing to turn an ankle for the Dumpster.  Progressives everywhere laughed their heads off.  What a delight!

Immediately, right-wing death Nazis took up the clarion call.  How hypocritical! We've had all these lawsuits about bakeries and photographers and florists being required to provide services to same-sex weddings, and those intolerant, fascist gays and lesbians always won, forcing those poor, downtrodden religious Nazis to serve people they hated.  Why aren't progressives putting the same yardstick to the Rockettes?  Why aren't (those fascist) progressives demanding the Rockettes dance for someone they hate, too?

Please stop, honey. You're embarrassing yourself.  (Actually, no--I love it when righties embarrass themselves.)

In the states where such lawsuits took place, state law forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation.  That's why the lawsuits even happened.  In Michigan, for example, discrimination based on sexual orientation is perfectly legal, and a bakery can legally say, "Same sex wedding?  We don't serve your kind here. Get out!"  However, the same isn't true in Colorado and Oregon.

It's illegal IN NO STATE to discriminate based on political affiliation.  Any business is perfectly free to say, "We don't serve Democrats."  It's not recommended, since an awful lot of Americans identify as Democrats, but hey--it's your business.  Do as you like.

And it's perfectly legal for a Rockette to say, "I don't dance for this piece of shit because he's a Republican."

Got it?  So shut up and bake me a wedding cake.  Because I'll force you to, and make you like it.  But I'm not dancing for you, and you can't make me.



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Dec. 31st, 2016 05:11 pm (UTC)
Hear hear!!
That's all ....just "HEAR HEAR!!" :)
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