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New Year's Prep

No one came over to our house for Thanksgiving because I was recovering from surgery.  And at Christmas we all visited other people's houses.  So still no one came to our house.  This seemed to please Darwin just fine.  When his sister, who hosted Christmas, said she wanted to have New Year's at her house as well, Darwin was perfectly ready to do it, and I pitched a royal fit.

"No one came over here the entire holiday season!" I snapped.  "Not once!"

"Isn't it great?" he said.

I adore my husband dearly, but sometimes he does miss obvious cues, like when I'm ready to draw a kitchen knife from my extensive collection.

"What," I said carefully, "is the point of buying a house designed for entertaining if we never entertain?  As I recall, you saw this place and remarked how great it would be to hold parties here."

"Well, yeah," he said, "I guess we can order a few pizzas and buy some chips, and if everyone comes over at eight or nine . . . "

This was where he found himself staring down at the business end of a meat cleaver.

"Oh," he said meekly.  "Should I tell people it's seven?"

Relish tray (olives, cheese spread, crackers, crudités)
Gourgeres (cheese puffs with gruyère)
Shrimp cocktail
Sugar snap pea and strawberry salad
Braised carrots
Parmesan mashed potatoes
Buttered corn
Hawaiian rolls
Glazed ham
Sirloin roast with bacon stuffing

Dessert breads (banana bread, fruitcake)
Atlantic beach pie
Assorted sodas, beer, and apple ale

Yesterday I prepped.  I sliced raw vegetables.  I made gourgeres balls and froze them (for popping into the oven tomorrow just before supper).  I peeled potatoes and put them into a cold water bath, ready for boiling tomorrow.  I fried and crumbled bacon, sauteed carrots and onions, and split a roast in half so I could fill it with fragrant stuffing and tie it shut for tomorrow.  I baked two tartly sweet beach pies.

Today is finalizing--cooking and setting up.  Minor details!


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