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Shopping Update

I've been using my local store's on-line pickup shopping option to great effect lately.  I'm still liking it.  I've also discovered an interesting side-effect:

It's saving us money.

Our weekly grocery bill has consistenly gone down by about 15%.  It's because the system only lets me buy what's on the grocery list.  When I use this system, I'm not at the store to say, "Oh!  I should get this!" Or, "I forgot to put this on the list. I'll grab it."

It has noticeably reduced the grocery bill, probably an effect Kroger didn't want, but one I'm happy with, nonetheless.


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Jan. 14th, 2017 10:31 pm (UTC)
I can see how you would save a bit of money this way (I am also subject to the impulse buying thing, so I can relate to that part) and I know you mentioned you dislike doing the shopping in the past, but to me that social aspect would still be missing if I were to do it that way. It's the occasional, casual interactions with people that make it fun and worthwhile - chatting with the cashier who's worked there for 30 years, or with the bagger who's been there six months and it's their last day because they found a job closer to home or with better hours. It's running into an old ex-coworker I hadn't seen in ten years. It's looking for something I can't find, noticing it in someone else's hand, asking about it, and getting to exchange Christmas dinner tips along the way. Those are small things, but some of them happened years ago, and yet they stuck in mind all this time, and now are part of who I am. No doubt other opportunities would arise to replace the ones lost, but right now, today, I have _these_ ones, not the might-have-beens.
Jan. 15th, 2017 03:16 pm (UTC)
There is that side of it. In my particular case, of course, my job (teaching) is so hyper-social that by the time the workday ends, the people side of my brain is dead. I wonder if I'll have the same attitude after I retire.
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