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Well, the taxes are done.

By "done," I mean we filled out a questionnaire and sent a pile of papers to the accountant.  This grates Darwin-the-self-accountant's teeth, but our taxes are complicated, and just getting everything together for the accountant takes about three hours, let alone actually doing the taxes.  I want someone who knows what she's doing!

It's still strange, though, seeing a man's name next to mine on the tax return.  And I have to say that tax forms are extremely outmoded.  They list TAXPAYER and SPOUSE, because apparently even today, households only have one person with an income who pays taxes.  They really need to say TAXPAYER 1 and TAXPAYER 2 or SPOUSE 1 and SPOUSE 2.

Now we just wait to see what the damage is . . .


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Mar. 10th, 2017 02:16 pm (UTC)
tax forms
And we certainly can't expect outmoded tax forms to be updated to reflect reality under the current administration.
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